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Bruce (who provides the bottom end for Spoonful-O-Blues) is the creator of the melodic fusion between the drums and the guitar.  

Cream and Jimi Hendrix are the reasons Bruce gives for picking up the Bass guitar at age 13.  The fluid playing of Jack Bruce, John Entwinstle, Tim Bogart and others shows through in his style and approach.

Growing up in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, he was destined to move out to Long Island.  Because there he would meet one of the   great guitar players he stills plays with today, R.T. Kline.   For Bruce, nothing less will do. 

And Bruce's extensive Rock and Roll resume reads like a who's who of the New York Rock and Blues scene.  He has been in bands such as Killer Force, Rock and Roll All Stars, Who Dat?, and many others.  

But what makes Bruce keep going?  What makes him want to play still today?  He says, "I found two other people that feel the same way musically as I do and their energy and approach inspires my creativity."  And just what does music mean to him?....... "Freedom of expression (joys, frustrations) and what the world has become (he laughs as he speaks).   And if you believe that, just come and see us and see for yourself!"

Along with lending his lead vocals and bass playing to the band, Bruce is also known as the rebel rouser with the audience, making each and every performance unique and giving it it's own character.  So you can understand why many people come to see each and every performance, because they know that if they miss one, they will never get another chance to see and experience what they missed.

Bruce says, "It's our friendship that drives the band, making us always want to play."

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