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Connected Blues Show

June, 2007




Patty Dodge of PDT Entertainment put together a Blues show in Amityville, NY, and asked the boys if they would play.  Here are just some of the pics from that night....


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(left) Here was the promo poster from the show.....(those of you who have signed up to the band's email list have seen this already as it came with the notice you received for this and other upcoming shows.  Note - if you would like to sign up to the list, email and type in the subject SIGN ME UP!)






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(right) left to right, RT Kline, Bruce Austin, Patty Dodge of PDT Productions and Ken Flint on stage before the show began...





PDT Productions 003.jpg (324516 bytes) (left) Bruce and RT in action....










(below) You can't tell us Ken is not ON FIRE when he plays!PDT Productions 007.jpg (313772 bytes)


Note - Ken is playing a drum kit provided by PDT Productions, as was all the road crew, soundmen, and most of the equipment that night.  Hat's off to Patty!




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PDT Productions 008.jpg (315721 bytes)(left and below) RT Kline Rockin' your world!




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(below right) Bruce Austin giving the people what they want!


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(left and below) RT and Bruce.....






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