R.T. Kline's Story -

R.T., the inspired 6 string axe wielder that takes Spoonful-O-Blues to new levels every night..., for some.... that would say it all, but for R.T., that's just the beginning.

Growing up in Brooklyn and picking up the guitar at age 15, R.T. has carved out a niche with his axe that so many others long to attain, but never can.  At every show guitar players (amateur and pro alike) approach him and tell him what they love about his performance and how he has inspired them.

But if you talk to R.T. for any length of time, he will start to tell you about the legendary guitarists that have inspired him; Leslie West (click for pic), Clapton,  Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Joe Bonamassa, the list goes on.   You will begin to hear humility in the voice of the one who humbles others.

But it may not stop there.  If you stay with him a little longer, you will hear about bands and artists such as Mountain, Grand Funk, Pat Travers, Gary Moore, The Scorpions, Nickelback....

If you ask him what makes him still want to play today, he will tell you... "The love of music.  It makes me feel good.   It fulfills me.  Without playing, something is missing."  When R.T says that, you know he means every word.  And this is why -

"There was a 14 year break in my playing.   I tried living the regular life, like getting married, having kids, having a day job.  But there was still something missing......."

"Then one day my boss had a beat up old Ibanez, and I put strings on it and started playing.  Then my boss, Jeff Bentley, after hearing me play, asked me why am I working as a mechanic when I have talent like that?  And so he drove me in a snow storm to a pawn shop and bought me a guitar, a Gibson Cutaway, and I have never stopped playing since."  By the way, through this interview R.T was playing the whole time....

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