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Pub, N.Y.

Farewell to R.T. Kline


All pictures are the work of Steve Lang, photographer (516) 330-7333



After many years and history with Spoon3Dsmall.png (3209 bytes), R.T. Kline had made the tough decision to pursue the blues even further; to chase them where ever he could find them on his own in the southern United States.  So it was decided that there would be one final intimate show for the original founding lineup with friends and family, and it was held at the Village Pub.

Ken and Bruce wished R.T. the best of luck, as the boys pushed it out like never before, and yet, for one final time........ 


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089_89.JPG (1961639 bytes) (left) T.C. Kross joined the boys for a few songs (as has been the long standing tradition for T.C. and the boys when Spoonful-O-Blues has played the Village Pub)










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