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About the band  

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is a 3 piece power trio that rocks the most requested hits from the late '60s, 70's and 80's (see the current song list).  The song list has been tweaked according to popular demand, making this band the ideal group for any venue looking to bring in a mature audience that appreciates good music.

In the more than 5 years that the band has been playing, people of all ages have become fans because the band knows how to reach out and entertain people with music that just about everyone can relate too.   Which is why the band gets requests to come back and play more and more at so many venues.

Whether it be Jones Beach in NY,  Town Hall or the Jersey Shore, the band shows up and rocks the house for not just the general public, but for worthy charities as well.  St. Jude's Children's Hospital and Breast Cancer research are just some of the causes that the band plays for and charges nothing for doing it.  This is a band that believes in giving back to the community and helping people whenever they can.

Bruce, Ken and Mark give so much to every live show because they are all heart, and their hearts are in the music!   From Mark's blues rock style of guitar playing, Ken's solid and groovy drumming and inspirational solos to Bruce's wall shaking bass and vocals, each show is unique and has a power and appeal all it's own.

Part of the power and appeal comes from how the band feeds on and feeds off of the audience.  The more excited the band gets, the more excited the audience gets.  And the more excited the audience gets, the more excited the band gets.  Until finally at the end of the night the band is spent, and the audience screaming for more.  And they mingle with the audience and talk to the fans; "because we are one of them.   We have so many bands and musicians that we all look up to as well!" says Ken.

Ken, Bruce and Mark are all long time veterans of the music scene, with members having toured Europe and the US, appeared on TV, lead parades in NYC, played with many famous celebrities and so much more, they bring a unique blend of experience to people each time they get up and play. 

Bring yourself and your friends to the next show, and treat yourself to some music and a good time that you won't soon forget......

........One_And_Only_Ponyman at Yahoo.com



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