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East Rockaway, NY

November and December, 2007



This night was special.  Every night's performance is unique in it's own way, but this night stood out.  Not only did fans come from all over including South Carolina, but the band and the audience had an extra special surprise treat this night...........


Rootman1.jpg (319034 bytes)As the band was playing what it thought was going to be it's final song (a blues number), a member of the audience jumped up and helped himself to Bruce's microphone.  At first everyone thought he would have to be forcible removed from the stage, but then came the magic.......

The room was suddenly filled with blues harp that was not ordinary, but extraordinary.  So much so that the band extended the song 20 minutes!  The audience went nuts as the band played on in amazement song after song with this unknown man on the harp, who played like no other.


Rootman2.jpg (312371 bytes)As it turned out, this unknown man was Rootman Blues, a 70 year old veteran of the blues scene from the days when the blues scene was the only scene!  Every note he played had meaning and said something that mattered.  And the people knew it.  And the band knew it and loved it!  You could see it on each of their faces, which was what kept them playing all that great music for extra 45 minutes to the screaming crowd with Rootman at the microphone!


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Which just goes to show that once again anything can happen and often does at a Spoonful-O-Blues show!  You can practically depend on the fact that every show will have some surprises in it, and if it didn't, now that would be a surprise!




(below left to right) R.T. Kline with honorary member of the band Kip, who came up from South Carolina to see the guys. 


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