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Pub, N.Y.





019_6A.JPG (716567 bytes) Here we have Bruce and R.T. standing in front of the Village Pub with the ever faithful Spoonful-O-Blues banner...                                                                                                             

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015_10A.JPG (724101 bytes) Here we have Richie, his wife and Ken in front of the Village Pub during the festival......

Richie and his wife Ronnie are regulars at the band's shows, and Richie a drummer in his own right....


















014_11A.JPG (794254 bytes)(from right to left) Ed Modzel and his wife Pilar......hear what Ed had to say about the band on the Fan Mail Page.







021_4A.JPG (715783 bytes)Here we have the Barber Shop Quartet that Ken grabbed from down the street.  They were singing to a huge crowd, and Ken had the great idea to bring them in and have them sing onstage and open for Spoonful-O-Blues.  They were a HUGE hit, and everybody loved them.  A great time was had by all!





009_16A.JPG (684391 bytes)Ken and Maria (Village Pub Staff)



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