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Pub, N.Y.

Halloween Party,


The following pics are Spoonful-O-Blues LIVE at the Village Pub in N.Y., for the 2006 Halloween Party taken by Melanie Beach, who the band would like to thank.

We would like to start out with a few pics of the band with T.C. Kross, guest singer and owner of the Village Pub.  She's a long-time verteran of the N.Y. rock scene in her own right with powerful pipes!.......

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PIC_0009.JPG (507107 bytes) (from left to right) R.T., Ken and Bruce belting them out.......











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PIC_0032.JPG (346755 bytes)R.T. and Bruce making it happen!!!!!!!!











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(right) Ken with his usual smile as he drives the band forward!..........










PIC_0028.JPG (299271 bytes)(left)Ken with the fire in his eyes!


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