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Pub, N.Y.

St. Patrick's

Day Party,



The band would like to start by thanking Melanie Beach for taking the pics this night.....


019_6A.JPG (781274 bytes) Here we have the Village Pub Staff (left to right) Tammy, Tommy and owner T.C.







001.jpg (1051780 bytes) Ken getting into the St. Patrick's Day spirit! Throughout the night Ken put on multiple hats that were thrown at him from the audience!









003.jpg (1038066 bytes) Oops... who turned out the lights?  Ken actually played with the hat like that right through 3 songs...everyone ate it up!








002.jpg (1044779 bytes) Bruce with his Green Austin bass that he made by hand himself, adorned with Green Shamrocks just for St. Patrick's Day!











005.jpg (1059480 bytes) Ken showing gratitude for the hat that Tommy (Village Pub Staff) threw his way!









006.jpg (1043883 bytes) Bruce singing a song just learned by the band a few minutes prior for an audience member while Ken's new hat liked what the last one did and decided to the the same!   He left it like that for a few more songs....







016_9A.JPG (669218 bytes) R.T. serving up the licks on his Black Les Paul.........











0011.jpg (1054982 bytes) (Left to Right) R.T., T.C. and Bruce do a Spoonful-O-Blues/Village Pub new standard (Hush by ZZ Top) which the band does special for T.C. because she can knock the walls down when she sings it!  Always a show-stopper!





008.jpg (1073546 bytes) Oh Ken, that hat is YOU!


009.jpg (1029549 bytes)                                                                                

010.jpg (1048291 bytes)




Ken would like to thank you for stopping by, and wants to remind you that there are more pictures and stories to see and read about from the Village Pub and other great venues! 

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