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Avery Berman from New Paltz, NY writes....      0_new8p.gif (1749 bytes)

When I first went to see Spoonful O' Blues, I was expecting an entertaining way to pass the time on a boring Saturday. What I got was something quite different. I got an absolute blast of great music, skill, stage presence and entertainment all coming together to form musical euphoria!

Ken Flint, the drummer, with his cool shades on the whole time (even though the arena was dark) was proving to everyone present that he knew what he was doing. It's hard to find a good drummer these days, and Ken is one of those rare people. He twirls his sticks, sings, and makes comments that keep everyone entertained throughout. What more can you ask for?

As for the bassist, Bruce, he was something else. His ability to sing and play at the same time is flawless and makes for a great show. He is also one of the main drives of stage presence, as he would continually move over to the guitarist during his solo's and peer over his shoulder, make faces and try to "mess him up." It was definitely something I was glad to see that kept me over the top entertained.

Now, the guitarist, RT (Arty), is nothing more than amazing. He is an inspiration to aspiring guitar players (like myself) and his playing is outrageous. His fiery solos are nothing short of legend. The way he works his fretboard is something you have to see. It is obvious he has an emotional attachment to his music and a seriousness that makes the band even stronger.

Spoonful O' Blues made me into a fan that night, and I hope to see them many more times in the future. The only thing that I'd like to see changed is their name.

If you ever happen to hear of this group playing near you, cancel your plans and grab a ticket.

-Avery Berman

Stacie Flint from New Paltz, NY writes....                                                       0_new8p.gif (1749 bytes)

A group of us came from upstate NY's Mid-Hudson Valley to see Spoonful o' Blues at the Islip Pavilion.  They're great!   I could tell that all the guys are really into the music and are having fun!   I loved Bruce's singing, RT's guitar work, and Ken's drumming, along with the little tricks he does with the drumstick as he relates to the audience.  They perform classic rock standards, but make them their own, unique in the moment.  Well worth the trip!

Spoonful-O-Blues fan,

Artist Stacie Flint, New Paltz, NYSaturday Night by Stacie Flint                                                                      (Picture 2)

Expressionist Oil Paintings, portrait commissions

(picture 1)

Note - Artist Stacie Flint - painted these oils (picture 1), titled "Spiderman at Madame Toussauds" and (picture 2) "Saturday Night".  Picture 1 is from her collection of New York City Theme paintings.  To view this and more of her works, visit

Alice C. from West Babylon, N.Y. writes....
"I think you guys are very good!  You keep in tune with one another and you like to have fun, and that's very important. You keep the crowd going........!"

Dorian C. from Babylon, N.Y. says after the show at the Village Pub........"I thought those guys were really good and they're very talented.  I suggest you come for the next time!"

Ken Ed.JPG (108817 bytes)"Get off the couch and check out Spoonful-O-Blues. This band is a must-see!" 

Ed Modzel- Cross Island Traffic

(Left to right) Ken Flint and Ed Modzel



Michelle M. from Deer Park, N.Y. after the St. Patrick's Day party at the Village Pub says "I think they're awesome.  I love live music.  I would recommend this band for any kind of function... Rock and Roll, Biker parties as well as Baptisms and Church functions!" ...... she said with a good old Irish Grin....

Bruce-Mark-otr.JPG (91298 bytes) Mark Quinones from Chicago writes during the show at On the Rocks..."Very professional, accomplished musicians performing classic rock tunes from the early 70's and late 60's.  You guys ROCK!  Great music from the old days....


P.S. - You close your eyes and hear the records!


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Sal M. says after the show at On the Rocks... "I open my ears and hear the tapes!"




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G. Motisi emailed after the show at On the Rocks... "You guys were a very talented group.  I don't know if all the practice in the world could make me do solos like that guitarist. heheh..... I'll see you guys again."






davereflections.jpg (208258 bytes)Dave from Reflections says....." smooth, sexy, silky and sweet, don't miss them the next time they fill Reflections with sound, it's worth the trip from anywhere!"





002_23A.JPG (266411 bytes) Tom from Reflections says "You guys are a REAL band!"









004_22A.JPG (255548 bytes) Noel who came up from West Virginia says "This band is MAAAAAAAARVELOUS!"










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